Call for Papers: Oceans and Nations, “Failed” States and the Environment in the Pacific, 10-11th July 2013

Conference organizers seek interdisciplinary papers for the upcoming conference Oceans, Islands and Skies Symposia. Previously Oceans, Islands, and Skies conference of 2010 brought together artists, journalists, writers, activists, poets, policy makers, and educators. The upcoming Oceans and Nations Symposia will build upon and expand those dialogues. The conference will be held July 10 and 11, 2013, and will be integrated into the larger Pacific Science Congress hosted by USP July 8-12th.  Deadline for submissions is January 31, 2013

 The 2010 Oceans, Islands and Skies Symposia (OIS) established the disruption to the traditionally organic and fluid nature of relations between artists, writers and performers in the Pacific by the contemporary crisis of the environment.  The Oceans and Nations Symposia integrated into the Pacific Science Inter-Congress will explore relations between the crisis environment in political and related development among the nation-states of the Pacific and its impact on the environment. Issues of“failed” nation-states, political meltdowns, coups and increasing militarization have dogged postcolonial history of the Pacific. This, aside from the political and economic effects generally ascribed as the main societal impacts from such crisis, has important social and cultural effects that are largely undocumented by academia as well as the media. Working with artists, writers, academics, special interest groups, government and the general community, the Symposia re-engages with this expansion to some of the major themes of the 2010 OIS Symposia. At the same time it moves into the more specialized concerns of the regional crisis within the overarching framework of the environment in crisis, regionally and globally. The collaborative Symposia between scholars based at USP and at the University of California, Los Angeles, and others identified internationally will provide a vital way of bringing together scholars and cultural workers an alternative culture of responses to issues as varied as the legacy of nuclear fallout to the “carbon colonialism” that threatens the very existence of small island states.

Abstracts of approximately 800 words outlining your proposed paper, and key areas of focus and inclusive of a short rationale of relevance to the Symposia should be forwarded. Full papers may be submitted along with the abstract for review, if these are available. ( These should be submitted as one document as the online submission allows only for one attachment, inclusive of bio details) 

Paper Duration

Full paper presentations will be for a 20 minute duration with an additional 10 minutes for discussions and questions.


Panel presentations will be for 10 minutes per panelist, with an inclusive 10 minute period for discussion and questions for the session.


Full Bio Details, including institutional affiliations should be included in less than 250 words, and appended to your abstract on a separate page, as the online submission allows only for one attachment.


Paper Submissions (As per timeline below)


Please submit papers via the PIS website link and follow the online template.


Submit your papers under the THEME: OCEANS AND NATIONS


It is important that specify at the beginning of your abstract that it is being submitted for OCEANS AND NATIONS: ATTENTION DR MOHIT PRASAD and PROF ELIZABETH deLOUGHREY


This will be done as per the Pacific Science Inter-Congress – 8-12th July 2013 regulations, see website for registration details and rates: This will include full access to all PIS sessions and the special Symposia events.