Exhibition. ÖMIE ARTISTS . Contemporary Barkcloth Paintings from Papua New Guinea to tour Germany 2014-2015

ARTKELCH is pleased to present the first exhibition in Europe dedicated to the internationally celebrated Ömiewomen barkcloth artists from the remote mountain villages that surround the sacred volcano Huvaimo in Oro Province, Papua New Guinea.

From September 2014 to March 2015 the works will be shown at ARTKELCH in Freiburg, at the ARTKELCH collectors lounge close to Stuttgart and at the Museum für Völkerkunde in Munich.

The exhibition showcases the extraordinary artistic talents of the duvahe (Chiefs), elders and leading artists through exquisite barkcloth paintings adorned with finely executed motifs and geometries loaded with tribal and clan specific cultural knowledge. 

The story of the survival of Ömie barkcloth painting to the present day is entirely unique. Through the women’s strong barkcloth painting tradition the Ömie have managed to preserve their tattoo designs and to show the world the strength of Ömie culture.

Featured Artists in this exhibition are Sarah Ugibari, Fate Savari, Brenda Kesi, Lila Warrimou, Celestine Warina, Dapeni Jonevari, Botha Kimmikimmi, Elizabeth Guho, Mala Nari, Martha-Jean Uhamo, Ivy-Rose Sirimi and Lillias Bujava.

Contact: Robyn Kelch: robyn.kelch(at)artkelch.de