The Frangipani is Dead: Contemporary Pacific Art

The Frangipani is Dead- Contemporary Pacific Art
By Karen Stevenson

This new release gives an understanding of the issues and other inspirations of artists at the heart of the contemporary Pacific art movement. This book offers a contextual understanding of the contemporary Pacific art movement in New Zealand.  As well as examining key individual artists, the book also addresses the key issues that underlie this movement as well as the inspirations for creating this art. It is a focused overview of a very specific period and it contextualises the emergent Pacific art within the broader New Zealand socio-political scene of the time, particularly that of the Maori sovereignty movement. This book also includes approximately 80 colour plates, many of which have not been published before.

Karen Stevenson is of Tahitian heritage and born in Los Angeles.  She has degrees from the University of Hawaii and the University of California and is currently Senior Lecturer at the University of Canterbury. 
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The Frangipani Is Dead: Contemporary Pacific Art in New Zealand, 1985-2000
By Karen Stevenson

Edition: illustrated

Published by Huia Publishers, 2008

ISBN 1869693256, 9781869693251

220 pages/ 80 colour plates