Last Ride in a Hot Air Balloon: 4th Auckland Triennial, March 11-June 20, 2010

Last Ride in a Hot Air Balloon: 4th Auckland Triennial
March 11 - June 20, 2010
Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

The theme of the 4th Auckland Triennial looks at the impulse towards adventure and risk in art today. The title Last Ride in a Hot Air Balloon provocatively suggests that the adventurous impulse is itself in an era of transformation. By implication, it directs a question towards our broader society: how do we utilise adventure and what level of risk do we allow for? It also describes the often romantic attraction to forms of adventure in art. Equally, this metaphor expresses an artist's desire to inhabit a fictive perspective, while contending with the proximities of life and culture.

Adventure and its incumbent risk has been central to modernity's geographic and economic expansion. Both are also vital to its exploration of the mind, the body and society at large. In art of the modern era, these ideas were linked to discovery, progressive development, spectacle and avant-gardism.

Today, despite known constraints and recent economic recession, the motivation for adventurous exploration still exists. While acknowledging the freedoms adventure and risk represent, we need to consider how to contend with a sustainable world – in global politics, in our environment, in our economies and in art's own production.

The Triennial theme asks us to reflect differently on our engagement with adventure and risk, by looking at artists who generate an adventurous condition by exploring existing material conditions, alternative solutions for living, physical freedoms for the body, and political spaces without polarity.

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