Samoa Contemporary' tours Tauranga Art Gallery

'Samoa Contemporary' tours Tauranga Art Gallery
20 December, 2008
Tauranaga, New Zealand

'Samoa Contemporary' is a group exhibition is curated by Helen Kegley and Bob Maysmor toured by Pataka Museum in Wellington, New Zealand.

"Samoa Contemporary celebrates the best of Samoan art in New Zealand today - its energy and vitality, its originality and diversity...While Samoan artists have exhibited nationally and internationally under the umbrella of contemporary Pacific art, this large-scale exhibition gives centre stage for the first time to artists of Samoan origin living and working in New Zealand."
 -Excerpt from 'Samoa Contemporary' catalogue written by Helen Kedgley & Bob Maysmor

Artists in the 'Samoa Contemporary' exhibition includes:
Fatu Feu'u
Graham Fletcher
Niki Hastings-McFall
Lonnie Hutchison
John Ioane
Anita Jacobsen
Lily Laita
Nanette Lela'ulu
Andy Leleisi'uao
Nestor Opetaia
Genevieve Leitu Pini
Greg Semu
Siliga David Setonga
Lorene Taurerewa
Michel Tuffery
Shigeyuki Kihara
Selected works from the 'Fa'a fafine; In a Manner of a Woman' series 2005 and the screening of the 'Taualuga; the last dance' is currently touring with the 'Samoa Contemporary' exhibition.

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