Imag(in)ing Asia and the Pacific: Emerging Visualities and Art Perspectives, Cornell University

Imag(in)ing Asia and the Pacific: Emerging Visualities and Art Perspectives
February 20-21, 2009
Cornell University

Sponsored by the department of the History of Art and Visual Studies Annual Graduate Symposium, the symposium addresses the 20th century processes of decolonization, modernization, and nationbuilding that characterized the regions of Asia and the Pacific. These structures are revisited in the 21st century in the wake of globalization, and art practice in recent years has sought to address these questions, variously embracing or resisting their assumptions, politicizing their implications, or challenging discourse around such formulations. Not only are the cities of Asia and the Pacific growing, but have also become major centers of art, with mega-exhibitions and biennales that crucially forge regional identities and affinities. The symposium aims to explore these emerging visualities in the light of the complex, and changing socio-political and economic issues that affect countries, peoples, institutions and practice in the region.
Keynote address:
Dr. Melissa Chiu
Director, Asia Society Museum, New York

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