Leiden waka at Aurere, October 18, 2010

Leiden waka at Aurere
October 18, 2010
Vokenkunde Museum, Leiden

After the recent signing of the Waka Deed ceremony by Toi Māori representatives at Volkenkunde Museum in Leiden, Netherlands, Toi Māori is now preparing to launch the new waka created by Master Waka builder Hector Busby.

The Waka Deed signing is an agreement between Toi Māori and Volkenkunde Museum to provide them with a ceremonial waka. It will be a working exhibition designed to draw people to the museum.

The Leiden waka was officially launched on Saturday 26th June 2010 at Aurere, Bay of Islands at 11am where its name, Te Hono Ki Aotearoa, The Link to New Zealand, Band Met Nieuw Zaylond (Zaylond as in Zeeland), will be announced as part of the waka launching ceremony. A haka specially composed for Leiden by Kaumatua Waka Historian Tepene Mamaku will also be featured as part of the launch.

Toi Māori General Manager, Garry Nicholas said legal ownership of this waka remains with Toi Māori as part of the organisation's international strategy to promote New Zealand’s Maori art and culture to the world.

"Therefore Toi Māori has access to utilise the waka across Europe where we deem necessary to promote. This waka has all the cultural integrity elements added to the deed so that it will be looked after with care and respect."

Sea trials will be conducted by Kaihoe who have been selected by Robert Gabel, Chair of Nga Waka Federation.

The ceremonial waka will be on permanent loan to Volkenkunde Museum, and will remain as a working exhibition. Njord Royal Rowing Club based in Leiden will work alongside Volkenkunde Museum staff to maintain the ceremonial waka while it is in their care.

The official handover of the Ceremonial waka to Volkenkunde Museum will occur on the 18th October 2010 amidst an elaborate ceremony.

To watch television coverage of the launch, please click here.