New Zealand Artist Lorene Taurerewa at The American Indian Community House Gallery

New Zealand Artist Lorene Taurerewa at The American Indian Community House Gallery
17 - 21 October, 2008
11 Broadway, 2nd Floor (opposite the National Museum of the American Indian), New York

Opening October 17, 2008 at 6:30

The American Indian Community House Gallery is pleased to present award-winning New Zealand artist
Lorene Taurerewa’s premier charcoal and ink drawings in her first solo show in New York. The show will open
at 6:30pm October 17, 2008 and run through October 21.

Lorene Taurerewa’s work is influenced by her Samoan-Polynesian and European heritage. Her creations
embody the stark contrast and disparity of native traditions such as the duty of remembrance, the lives of
ancestors through mind and blood-lineage, and their presence beyond death, with the bleak history of a
colonial society. The artist’s native New Zealand is a country isolated from the homogenizing currents of
international exposure where the strains of a very recent migrant history and a fractious cultural interface has
created a unique culture and conceptual influence in her work.

Her large-scale figurative charcoal drawings are distinguished for the inscrutable, monumental, still figures
which occupy a middle-distance; an inaccessible space visually created by dense black fields combined with
graceful lines. These imposing large-scale works (8’x 5’) combine an intense, powerful and unyielding dramatic
presence with a subtle emotional complexity creating layers of communication between drawing and viewer. In
tangent, her delicate ink work captures tiny figures caught in fluid, seeping black, which visually enacts bizarre
narratives in these small (11” x 9”) drawings on paper and duralar. These narratives are formed intuitively,
running and turning in the flowing of the ink, resulting in strange, quirky, picaresque scenes representing the
fraught memories of fragmented lives. The unsettled ghosts and lost souls of her inheritance inhabit her figures,
visually generating power, grace, loneliness and fragility who play out the narratives of Ms Taurerewa's work.

Ms. Taurerewa spends her time in both New York and New Zealand. She has been exhibiting internationally for
close to a decade and has been in over thirty shows. Lorene recently completed a Residency at the National
Art Studio of the Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art. She has recently exhibited in Los Angeles at
the New Zealand Consulate General residency and will be exhibiting at the Queensland Art Gallery in Australia
in 2009. She is part of private and public collections world-wide, with recent acquisitions including the
Queensland Art Gallery, the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia, and the James Wallace Arts Trust in
New Zealand. In October, Lorene is going to be a subject in an upcoming New Zealand arts documentary
Lorene Taurerewa, produced by Kirsty McDonald, the filming of which will coincide with and take place at the
opening of this exhibition.

Formed in 1977, The American Indian Community House Gallery supports and promotes contemporary Native
art in both traditional and non-traditional forms, educates the public about the diverse experiences of
contemporary Native people, and acts as a resource for the local and national Native American arts

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