The Pacific Islands Museums Association (PIMA) Oceanic Art Symposium, Vanuatu Cultural Centre, Port Vila, Vanuatu, May 6-8, 2008

The Pacific Islands Museums Association (PIMA) Oceanic Art Symposium
Vanuatu Cultural Centre, Port Vila, Vanuatu
May 6-8 2008

The Pacific Islands Museums Association (PIMA)'s first Oceanic Art Symposium on “Oceanic Art Today: Status, Production and Tendencies” provides a space for international art scholars and museum professionals to share new ideas about creative traditions and contemporary arts practice in the Pacific region today. The symposium, organised in collaboration with the French Embassy in Vanuatu, aims to ensure the safeguarding of intangible creative traditions, the transmission of knowledge and the stimulation of interest amongst young generations of artists to keep contemporary practice alive and evolving. The symposium will include the opportunity for participants to identify opportunities for international and regional interaction with Pacific Islands museums, artists and creative industries. It will be an opportunity to promote recognition of PIMA's Code of Ethics for Pacific Islands Museums and Cultural Centres, and to develop the relationship between PIMA and the Pacific Arts Association (PAA). The symposium aims to produce a set of recommendations advocating the way forward for enhancing ethical research and practice in the field of Oceanic Art. The two day symposium will be preceded by an optional one-day field trip.

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