Seeking partner organisation in Polynesia for new musical entitled 'Kings of the South Seas'

Please see message below from Mark Hewitt, the Artistic Director of LLL Productions, who seeking partnership with an organisation in Polynesia to source relevant images and information that can become part of the film sequence.  Please contact Mark Hewitt for futher information.



Dear Pacific Arts Association,

I am currently in the early stages of developing an artistic project
around a new musical composition by Ben Nicholls, entitled 'Kings of
the South Seas'. This project will involve a number of high profile
contemporary folk musicians from England and a filmmaker based in the
US and will lead to a live event and short film evoking the world of
the British whaling expeditions of the early 19th century, and in
particular, the whaling ships that travelled to the South Pacific,
Polynesia, New Zealand and Australia. We are interested in the part
these missions played in the growth of the British empire during the
19th century and the positive and negative consequences of this
activity. Musically, the composition will revisit traditional whaling
songs, hymns and ballads, aiming to create an inspirational and
mesmerizing piece of contemporary music which sheds a new light on
historical themes. Many of the first missionaries to come to the South
Pacific will have arrived on whaling ships

We are very interested in finding a partner organisation in Polynesia
that can work with us to source relevant images and information that
can become part of the film sequence and inform the project as it

Mark Hewitt

Artistic Director
LLL Productions
PO Box 2766
East Sussex
+44 (0)796 836 7739