Artist Opportunity: International festival of contemporary art NUS 2013 - DDL EXTENDEND till 30th of November

International Festival of Contemporary Art NUS 2013-(Multimedia cultural centar (MKC) Split, Croatia from 11th till 18th of January 2013)
NUS is international festival of contemporary art with a goal of promoting contemporary art and young artists all over the world.

Program of NUS 2013 includes a group exhibiton, screenings, public debates, lectures, 8-day alternative library, performance, actions and interventions in public space.

Topic of festival is 'taboo', so in accordance of the theme entire event will be focused on rethinking of social taboos, the problems that we are living with and trying to find their solutions. All of this will be done in a creative and fresh approach of artists.

Application prerequisites:

- artist needs to be under age of 35
- every person can apply maximum of 3 exhibition works
- works in all techniques can be applied, including performing arts
- filled- in application form (which must include a photography of work in digital format) has to be sent to e-mail address or delivered on the address Put sv. Izidora 71/c, 21000 Split, Croatia, no later than 30th of November, 2012. with subject ‘’NUS – competition 2013.’’
- exhibition works will be selected by the NUS art committee; based on quality, originality and how closely it relates to the theme.
- artist are fully responsible for the costs and transport of their exhibition works

Application deadline is 30th of November 2012.

Application form:

Nina Jurić – curator and director

Kristina Trifunović – communication with artists