JOB OPPORTUNITY: Collection Steward at Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University

Reports to Sr. Collections Manager.  Coordinates and implements all aspects of museum collections management, with particular focus on supporting research use of the collection. Performs a wide range of curatorial and administrative duties, requiring specialized knowledge of specified collections. Oversees and carries out day-to-day work with the collection. 

Is responsible for the organization, maintenance, and use of specified collections in the museum. Assists with other collections as assigned.  Facilitates access to and use of collections by visiting scholars, faculty, staff, students, colleagues, and others, including responding to inquiries about the collection.  Supports exhibition and research use of the collection. Collaborates in curation, collections management, analytical sampling, preparation and other tasks associated with the research and publication of the collection, and responsible for communicating workflow and information cross-departmentally.  Assists in planning for the growth of the collection, as well as its care and preservation.  Processes new acquisitions in keeping with museum standards.  Performs all tasks necessary to undertake the electronic catalog, physical inventory, and photographic documentation of the collections at the Peabody Museum.  Reorganizes collections in storage, including any necessary re-housing.  Verifies, researches, and enters information in the museum database by reviewing pertinent documentation such as ledger entries, catalogue cards, accession records, archives, photographs, and published sources. Works on and assists in preparing grant proposals and other collection-oriented tasks. Works with interns and students on selected projects. Performs other duties as required.

Basic Requirements:  Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology/Archaeology with focus on specialty area or BA in specialty area.

Skills and Experience: Master’s degree preferred.  Five or more years of related experience required with broad knowledge of museum methods and techniques. Knowledge of and experience with collection specialization.  Experience with object handling, storage, and preservation. Familiarity with museum cataloguing procedures, inventory methods, and/or laboratory processing of objects.  Knowledge of museum computer applications and literature relating to specialized collection. Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team. Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to set/adjust priorities, and manage multiple tasks. Team leadership and customer service skills. May require fluency in one or more foreign languages.  May require occasional travel.

job id # 32376

Collections Steward – (North America)

Salary Grade 55