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Pacific Cultures Collection Survey
A survey of the Pacific Cultures collection has been in progress since 2007. The first research output from that project was an article on Te Papa's collection of artifacts from the Cook Islands, published in July 2010. An article on the Niue collections will be published in July this year.   See some of the artifacts that have been put
online as a result of this survey.

A reference and abstract for the article is also

Tivaevae making in New Zealand
The focus of this project is based around interviews of Cook Island women who have made a reputation for themselves as makers and designers of tivaevae in New Zealand. Grace Hutton, Collection Manager Pacific at Te Papa, is currently writing a book on this project.
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A history of Pacific Islanders in New Zealand
This book will trace the 1000 year history of Pacific peoples' arrivals and settlement in New Zealand. It features illustrated essays from 12 researchers and aligns with the exhibition Tangata o le Moana: the story of Pacific peoples in New Zealand (2007). It is edited by Sean Mallon, Senior Curator Pacific cultures at Te Papa, former Te Papa curator Kolokesa Mahina-Tuai, and Damon Salesa, Associate Professor of History at the University of Michigan. The book is due for publication in November 2011.

"The politics of leprosy control in Samoa during the New Zealand Administration from 1914 to 1922."
Contemporary medical ideas about leprosy, combined with colonial politics during this period and in the years before, saw leprosy sufferers become increasingly isolated and confined. This topic was the subject of Curator Safua Akeli's MA thesis and she is preparing an article on the complex issues surrounding the treatment of leprosy in Samoa.

A history of art in Oceania
Senior Curator Sean Mallon is contributing to a Marsden-funded project 'Art in Oceania: a history'. It explores how indigenous art traditions have been profoundly shaped by history, from the politics of monumental architecture in the ancient Pacific to numerous artistic practices stimulated by colonial contact, to the recent emergence of modernist and contemporary Pacific art in the decolonising decades since the Second World War. The book is due for publication in November 2011 with an overseas press.  
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Tatau: Samoan Tattoo, New Zealand Art, Global Culture
Photographs by Mark Adams, with essays by Sean Mallon, Peter Brunt and Nicholas Thomas.  Publication date: April 2010.  This unique book follows on from a successful exhibition still touring internationally.   

One hundred memorable images by documentary photographer Mark Adams present a powerful and moving portrait of a great Polynesian art tradition. Tatau also tells the story of Sulu’ape Paulo II, the pre-eminent figure of modern Samoan tattooing. Paulo was a brilliantly innovative and controversial man, who saw tatau as an art of international importance. He was killed in 1999.  Accompanying Adams’ arresting photographs are two essays, and two interviews in which Sulu’ape Paulo II and Mark Adams each articulate their understanding of their own practices. Mark Adams’ photography has been exhibited internationally, and published in Land of Memories (with Harry Evison, 1993) and Cook’s Sites: Revisiting History (with Nicholas Thomas, 1999).  Sean Mallon is Senior Curator, Pacific Cultures at Te Papa. He is the author of a number of publications about Pacific art, including Pacific Art Niu Sila (Te Papa Press, 2002).  Nicholas Thomas’ influential books on art and cultural exchange in the Pacific include Entangled Objects (1991), Oceanic Art (1995), and Possessions (1999).  
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NZ RRP (incl. GST): $80.00Extent: 192ppIllustrations: 130 full-colour and duotone illustrations including 100 platesFormat: Pbk, 245x290 mm landscapeBinding: [e.g. PB, flexibind]ISBN: 978-1-877385-55-1