PAA at the CAA 2018: Submission deadline is April 24th, 2017.

The CAA is now accepting submissions for the 2018 Annual Conference which will be held February 21-24 in Los Angeles.  A great opportunity for a big PAA turn out!

Note:  Submission deadline is April 24th, 2017.  We have a few choices but not much time.   There is a small group of us who are keen to organise the above so please lobby your colleagues and send your ideas, proposals to me at (PAA N.America chair) by April 20th

PAA (as an affiliate) can submit either 

a)       one Complete Session proposal (90 minutes in length) pre-formed with participants and papers/projects chosen in advance.  This requires some speedy work – and would work well if you have a ‘group ready  to go.’
b)     one Session Soliciting Contributors proposal (90 minutes in length) to be included in the CFP which opens June 30. A note of approval from the Affiliated Society chair must accompany the submission. This session will be guaranteed and will be identified as an Affiliated Society session in all CAA publications.  This works If you have an idea for a session (but don’t yet have speakers)

CAA will also provide Affiliated Societies with space for a business meeting at the annual conference. The request for this information will come later this spring.

Subsequent proposals by Affiliated Society members may be submitted separately by individuals, but are subject to peer review by the Annual Conference Committee and must be submitted via the Complete Session, Session Soliciting Contributors, or Individual Paper/Project submissions forms described on the portal (click on the “Submit Your Proposal” link below for more information). These submissions are not guaranteed and, if selected, will not be labeled or identified as Affiliated Society sessions in CAA publications. 
This is a wonderful opportunity for PAA members to speak at a varied number of sessions but please note the deadline is April 17th. 
Link to CAA website: