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Pacific Arts is the journal of the Pacific Arts Association (ISSN 1018-4252). It is issued twice annually in a new series begun in 2006. Members receive Pacific Arts as a benefit of their membership. If you are not a current PAA member and would like to receive Pacific Arts, please visit our Membership page to pay online. Copies of some past issues are available for individual purchase. See contact information below.

Contributions to Pacific Arts

Pacific Arts
welcomes articles on the art of the Pacific region, especially papers on all topics pertinent to the visual and performing arts of the peoples of Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia, Australia, and Indonesia. The editors encourage suggestions for special issues devoted to particular topics or regions, as well as for books, exhibitions, videos, etc., for review. Articles should be no longer than 5,000 words, with no more than 10 illustrations. Reviews (exhibition, book, video, etc.) should be a maximum of 1500 words and may include 1-2 illustrations. Articles solicited and unsolicited, will be submitted for peer-review and authors advised in writing of the decision within a reasonable amount of time. Upon acceptance of an article or review, high-resolution digital files (minimum 300 dpi in a jpeg format) will be requested. Please do not send any original slides or prints that need to be returned. Please use The Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition, 2003).

Volunteer Peer Reviewers needed for Pacific Arts Journal

The editors of the Pacific Arts journal are looking for volunteers to peer review articles submitted to the journal. We hope to compile a list of qualified individuals. If you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer, please send your name, email address, and a brief summary of your expertise to Anne Allen at

Journal Editor
Anne G. Allen, Indiana University Southeast

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Pacific Arts NS 14, 2015, Nos. 1-2
Is an issue covering topics about Pacific Intersections and Cross Currents: Uncharted Histories and Future Trends with articles by Carol Mayer, Karen Stevenson, Susan Cochrane, Giles Peterson and Billie Lythberg, Kolokesa Uafa Mahina-tuai, Joyce Hammond, Adrienne Kaeppler,  Karen Duffek, Chantal Knowles, Henry Skerritt, Evadne Kelly, and Candace Galla.


 Pacific Arts NS 13, 2014, No. 2
With articles by Harry Beran, Pauline van der Zee, Max Quanchi, and Susan Cochrane



Pacific Arts NS 14, 2015, No. 1 and 2
Karen Stevenson is the Guest Editor for this issue focusing on indigenous art from Taiwan. Articles in this issue are written by Alice Christophe, Mei-chen Tsung, Hui-Chun Yu, Cheng-yeh Hsu, Huh-Yao Wan, and Walis Labai (Diing-Wuu Wu).


Click on the images below to see the Table of Contents for each of the New Series volumes.

Pacific Arts NS 13, 2013, No. 1.  With articles on politics and art on Manam Island, Papua New Guinea by Nancy C. Lutkehaus; Hawaiian hair rituals circa 1800 by Teri Sowell; re-presentations and translations of personal ornaments as social markers in the Western and Central Provinces, Solomon Islands by Deborah Waite. Reviews by Hilary Scothorn, Michael Mel, Anne Allen, and Eric Silverman.


Pacific Arts NS 12, 2012, No. 2.  With articles on Sago bark painting from East Sepik Province; contemporary Samoan art by Dan Taulapapa McMullin; the Solomon Islands sculptor, Kuai Maueha. Article contributors include Nancy Sullivan, Dan Taulapapa McMullin, and Anna Craven with reviews by Roger G. Rose, Dr. Shirley Campbell, and Natasha McKinney.

Pacific Arts NS 12, 2012, No. 1, is the second journal edited by Dr. Barry Craig and Dr. Ross Bowden focusing on the Sepik River region of Papua New Guinea.  With articles by  Barry Craig, Phillip Guddemi, and Michaela Appel and book reviews of The Pacific Arts of Polynesia and Micronesia and Easter Island and its Mysteries by Anne Guernsey Allen and Eric Kjellgren.

Pacific Arts NS 11, 2011, No. 2, is guest edited by Dr. Barry Craig and Dr. Ross Bowden.  With feature articles on Kwoma Nokwi figures, Serembule/Vovoso from Western Province, Solomon Islands, the architecture of South Nias, Indonesia, and book reviews for Creative Spirits: Bark Painting in the Washkuk Hills of North New Guinea by Ross Bowden and Living Spirits with Fixed Abodes. The Masterpieces Exhibition, Papua New Guinea National Museum and Art Gallery by Barry Craig, Mark Busse and Soroi Marepo Eoe. Contributors include: Ross Bowden, Jerome Feldman, Phillip Guddemi, Jim Specht, and Deborah Waite. 

Pacific Arts NS 11, 2011, No. 1, with feature articles on the collections of James Edge-Partington and William Ockleford Oldman, tertiary art education in PNG and the promotion of contemporary PNG art,  and the iconography of Trobriand war shields.  Contributors include: Roger Neich (with special introduction by Christian Kaufmann), Pamela Rosi, and Harry Beran.

Pacific ArtsNS 10 2010, with feature articles focusing on Rosanna Raymond and the Pacific Sisters, Shigeyuki Kihara, and Tongan bark cloth. Contributors include: Jacqueline Charles Rault, Karen Stevenson, and Ping-Ann Addo.

Pacific Arts, NS 9 2010, with feature articles focusing on Sepik painting, Maori art, and a Pacific artist's perspective. Contributors include: Christian Kaufmann, Patricia Owen, Max Quanchi, and Jean-Louis Boglio.

Pacific ArtsNS 8 2009, with feature articles focusing on paintings, new galleries, collectors, and artists from the Pacific. Contributors include: Christian Kaufmann, Barry Craig, Lucie Carreau, and Tressa Berman.

Pacific Arts, NS 7 2008, with feature articles focusing on masks of the Pacific. Contributors include: Antje Denner, Susan Cochrane, and Pauline van der Zee.

Pacific Arts, NS 6 2007, with feature articles focusing on Pacific architecture and guest-edited by Anne E. Guernsey Allen. Contributors include: Anne Allen, Deirdre Brown and Naomi McPherson.

Pacific Arts, NS 3-5 2007, a special issue in honor of Jehanne Teilhet-Fisk. Contributors include guest editors, Ping-Ann Addo, Heather Young Leslie, and Phyllis Herda.

Pacific Arts, NS 2 2006, included four feature articles focusing on Melanesia. Contributors include: Antje Kelm, Antje Denner, Pauline van der Zee and Ross Bowden. Also included were book/catalog reviews, exhibition reviews, a review of the 9th Festival of Pacific Arts and a video review.

The first journal in the new series, Pacific Arts, NS 1, began with a 2006 publication date. It marked the beginning of a partnership with Jordan Wright and Volo Publishing, New York. Contributors included Harry Beran, Graeme Were, Jenny Newell, Jean Michel Massing, and Patricia Wallace. For more background on the new journal, see a special Note from the President.