Announcing our latest PAA Journal

PAA Vol 22, no 1 (March 2022) special issue ‘Pacific Island Worlds: Oceanic Dis/Positions’

This special issue focuses on the theme “Pacific Island Worlds: Oceanic Dis/Positions,” which explores past and present visual art forms and practices related to place-making and identity formations in Oceania. Colonial interactions have produced a range of mobilities, yielding fraught processes of displacement, establishing new homes, and forming social, cultural, and political positions in the face of various dis-positionings. Articles and creative work lend insight into understanding human experiences in Oceania that generate future imaginings and contribute not only to a “mode of survival,” but to “an art of living” across the region. 

Contributors include: Christina Ayson Plank, Joe Balaz, Jesi Luhan Bennett, Jewel Block, Kaili Chun, James Clifford, Kelly Joseph, Stacy L. Kamehiro, Yuki Kihara, Claudia Ledderucci, Diana Looser, Katharine Losi Atafu-Mayo, Margo Machida, Kelema Moses, Carl F. K. Pao, Giles Peterson, Meleia Simon-Reynolds, Karen Stevenson, Mārata Tamaira, Katerina Teaiwa, Axelle Toussaint, and Michelle Williams.

The full issue can be found here