pacific arts association at caa

past PAA at CAA Meetings

2017: February, Fragile Balances: Contemporary Arts, Cultural Integrity and Environmental Change, chaired by Carol E. Mayer

2014: February, Chicago, Illinois; Unsettling Pacific Visions: Complicity and Contestation in Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) and Sāmoan Contemporary Art, chaired by Stacy L. Kamehiro

2013: February, New York, New York; Rethinking Pacific Art: The Currency of the Object, chaired by Caroline Vercoe and Nina Tonga

2013: February, New York, New York; The Home, the Museum, and the Gallery: Illuminating the Nexus between Identity, Materiality, and Visual Culture in the Pacific, chaired by Fiona P. McDonald and Bronwyn Labrum

2012: February, Los Angeles, CA; The Body Politic: The Role of Body Art and Anthropomorphic Depictions in Oceanic Societies, chaired by Anne E. Guernsey Allen

2011: February, New York, New York;  Affiliated Society Session: Documenting Oceania after the 20th Century, chaired by Bernida Webb-Binder

February, Chicago, Illinois; Affiliated Society Full Session: Views from the Continent: Art and the U.S. Pacific Diaspora, chaired by Margo Machida and Jewel Castro; Affiliated Society Special Session: Visual Historis in and of Polynesia

2009: February, Los Angeles, California; Urban Pacific Art in Aotearoa New Zealand, chaired by Christina Hellmich and Giles Peterson Whitecliffe

2008: February, Dallas, Texas; Art and Identity in Oceania, Revisited, chaired by Stacey Kamehiro

2007: February, New York, New York; Cultural Properties: Reconnecting Pacific Arts, chaired by Haidy Gaismar

2006: February, Boston, Massachusetts;  New Cultural Dialogues Concerning Oceanic Art: Collections, Museum Exhibitions, and the Collecting of Contemporary Art from the Pacific Islands, chaired by Christina Hellmich and Ping-Ann Addo

2005: February, Atlanta, Georgia; Invention and Influence: Architecture in the Pacific, chaired by Carol Ivory and Virginia-Lee Webb

2004: February, Seattle, Washington; The Art of the Body in Oceania / Bodily (Re)Presentations in Oceanic Art, chaired by Stacy Kamehiro

2003: February, New York, New York; Exhibiting Pacific Arts, chaired by Carol Ivory and Virginia-Lee Webb

2002: February, Philadelphia, PA; Biography, the Written Word, and Pacific Artists: Multivalent Views of History and the Individual, chaired by Hilary Scothorn and Karen Stevenson

2001: March, Chicago, Illinois; Pacific Island Artists in a Global World, chaired by Carol Ivory